It’S SKIN V7 Hyaluronic Cleanser


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It’S SKIN V7 Hyaluronic Cleanser is an intensive hydrating cleanser with a lightly foaming formula that gently washes away skin impurities maintaining hydration levels and keeping the skin soft, smooth and healthy-looking skin.

The vitamins of fermented plant extracts such as soy bean and rye revitalize the skin, make it more vivid and prevent dark spots by fighting free.

Moist and soft foam helps to wash the face comfortably without irritation. Ideal for light make-up and washing your face in the mornings. If you have heavy makeup, we recommend double cleansing using oil-based cleanser first and this water-based cleanser the second.

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Vitamin B Complex: NO synthetic vitamin! Derived from soybean, rye and soya milk processed by fermentation technology, they used a natural vitamin B complex. It helps to revitalize the skin and get glowing skin.
Niacinamide: Prevents dark spots and brightens the skin tone by controlling melanin.


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