SKIN – The largest organ in your body.   It is made of 2 layers, epidermis (outer) and the dermis (inner). The cells in the epidermis are constantly shedding and continually replaced with cells produced in its bottom layer. The process gets slower as we age and EXFOLIATING helps speed up the process, making skin look and feel smooth and youthful. Start exfoliating once a week and see how your skin reacts, it will thank you!

Key benefits of Exfoliation:

  • Removes the dead skin cells– which will speed up the cell replacing process and leaves the skin looking fresh, smooth & youthful.  Lycon Body Exfoliant is a light and creamy body scrub with Bamboo polishing fibers. It is gentle and safe for daily use. Ideal for tan removal or prepping your skin for tan.

  • Boosts the circulation and blood flow – Improved blood flow means improved collagen production. More collagen means smooth and lifted skin. Lycon has a great range of oil-free luxurious sugar scrubs for the entire body. Pair it with the luxurious and hydrating Lycon Body Lotions for a true pampering experience. Choose from six gorgeous scents.
  • Helps to unblock congested pores – Resulting in fewer breakouts, spots and will minimise the appearance of Keratosis Pilaris commonly known as little red bumps on the back of the arms. The absolute must have products for these are Lycon Foaming Gel & Mitt Duo. Ingrown-X-IT Foaming Gel is fortified with Salicylic Acid, a keratolytic agent which penetrates into the pores and works overtime to clean out cellular debris.

  • Exfoliation helps prevent ingrown hairs – Exfoliating will help prevent hair from curling back or growing sideways into skin after shaving or waxing.
  • Smoothing and softening the skin – Your skin will instantly feel smooth and silky. If you prefer an oil-based body scrub Green Angel Sunset Heaven or Green Angel Sunrise Magic Body Smoother is the one for you.  It is made from Irish seaweed, Irish Atlantic sea salt, natural Argan and Grapeseed Oils and organic essential oils of lavender which promotes a real sense of unwinding.


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People have recognised seaweed as a natural skincare secret for centuries. You could call it an ancient superfood. Seaweed is clean and chemical-free, there are no artificial genetic manipulation, pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers involved in its life cycle meaning what you are put on your skin is 100% natural.