In Grown Hairs

It’s all about looking after your skin in-between treatments.  That’s the advice from Noreen, Beauty Dock’s resident therapist and expert on all thing’s beauty.


Why do we get them?  Can we prevent them in the first place?  How do we treat them?

Everyone, both men and women are susceptible to in grown hairs as long as we, as a society want soft, silky smooth, hair free skin.  They can occur as a result of waxing/shaving and some people can be very prone to getting them in general, but they can be managed!

An ingrown hair occurs when the sharp tip of the hair curls back in on itself or grows sideways into the hair follicle. The hair then gets trapped and blocked by dead skin.  It usually appears as a small pink bump under the skin.  Often, a small pinpoint (often dark) part of the underlying hair may be seen under the skin bump.  Once they grow in on themselves, they can be sore, raised, inflamed and can get infected.  Resist the temptation to pick or squeeze an ingrown hair as this can lead to scaring.  Whether you shave, epilate or wax there is no escape.  They can be single or in a group, are unsightly and unwelcome!


Can we prevent them?

Exfoliating your skin is the key, and not just your legs, include underarms, bikini face, back and chest.  And do it regularly.   Best to avoid tight clothes as they be another irritation on the skin and can cause friction and rub in the problematic areas.


How to exfoliate your skin properly?

Exfoliating lifts the dead skin that blocks the hair follicles and helps the hair to free itself and not become ingrown.

You can use an exfoliating mitt on damp skin or use an exfoliating product. Beauty Dock recommends Lycon Oil Free Sugar scrubs which come in six gorgeous scents and leave the skin soft and smooth.

Remember to moisturise after exfoliation to keep your skin in tip top condition.  Lycon Body Lotions which are enriched with vitamins and leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth from head to toe.

Another helpful option is to use a topical wash, gel, lotion or solution which contains salicylic, glycolic or lactic acid.  Lycon, the Australian world leader in premium wax and experts in all things relating to hair removal also makes the Ingrown-X-It range, specifically designed to help prevent ingrown hairs.  Their Ingrown-X-It Foaming gel is a shower gel which contains salicylic acid and great for everyday use.  It also works very effectively with the Ingrown X-it Cream and solution for targeting specific areas.

In a world where we want lovely hair free smooth skin, we have to do our best to manage our skin in between treatments and to remember that prevention is better than the cure!


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